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Nike Blue Vision


Photographer: @Lucka NGÔ
Director: @Dominic Lahiff
Producer: @Cynthia Angel
Production Designer: @KelseyHannahWalsh 

The Nike Vision 16mm film commercial demonstrates the power of blue light technology. The story begins with a modern creative work environment leading to a Chinatown iconic restaurant. The props and styling of the sets support the nostalgic narrative of an office romance while leaving hierarchy for the product. The non-union commercial was filmed on location in New York City.

Non-Union Nike Commercial Campaign Video and Photoshoot with Prop Stylist and NYC Production Designer Kelsey Hannah Walsh.
Non-Union Nike 35mm Commercial Campaign Retro Restaurant Set Design by Production Designer Kelsey Hannah Walsh filmed in NYC.

Production Designer Commercial

Minimalist Modern Style Award-Winning Commercial by NY Production Designer Kelsey Hannah Walsh filmed on a soundstage in NYC.
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