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Production Designer Indie Feature Film



Horror, dark comedy Mean Spirited follows a failed YouTuber's weekend in the Poconos as it turns into a nightmare when a demon joins the party. This non-union indie feature film was shot on location in upstate New York and the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Despite it being an ultra-low-budget Tier 0, the Art Department approached the film's Production Design with immense creativity and resourcefulness making the most of limited resources. The outcome is a testament to hard work and ingenuity, as the team transformed humble locations into vibrant settings that enhance the narrative. Each set creates the film's unique visual world and amplifies the emotions woven throughout the story.  


Feat. @Jeffrey Ryan,@Will Madden@Will Martin@Maria DeCotis@Michelle Veintimilla@Daniel Rashid

Director @Jeffrey Ryan

Producer @Joe Adams 

Cinematographer @Kenneth Wales 

Production Designer @Kelsey Hannah Walsh

Art Director @Molly Sidell

Prop Master @Sebastian Braccia

Costume Designer @Mary Reinehr Gigler

New York City Film Production Designer's portfolio website of a barn workshop set, designed for a horror thriller Indie movie.
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